Monday, June 20, 2011

More baby juncos…..

Dark Eyed Junco Fledgling

This morning there were at least two families of Dark Eyed Junco running around….

Fledgling Junco

the fledglings tend to stay fairly hidden and don’t hold still for long, but did manage a couple of decent pictures…

trail to viewing platform

another gray, cloudy day, although a couple of degrees warmer than it’s been, so we ventured over to the start of the park, just to have a look…water has dropped quit a bit….maybe we’ll actually be able to see the viewing platform one of these days.  There wasn’t a lot of visible activity…could hear quite a few birds but not much visible…

Spotted Towhee

an exception being this Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee 'trilling'

who spent the whole time ‘trilling’….

Indian Plum

with few birds to photograph, we turned to some vegetation…these are the fruits of the native Indian Plum shrub…they are starting to ripen, they will become ‘plum coloured’ as they ripen…provided no one eats them first!

plucked Black Twin Berries

This is the Black Twin Berry – minus the ‘berry’ – when they were in flower I mentioned how Cedar Waxwings love these berries….well there are lots of Cedar Waxwings around so no berry will go uneaten.



and then this….one of our most spectacular wildflowers, the Foxglove…they are just coming into peak flower right now.  Purple, White, or any shade of pink in between….I’ll try to get some more detailed pictures of them in the coming days.

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