Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So now it is June and even though it sounds like a broken record…the month is starting out pretty much the way all the others this year have…gray and wet.  In 3 weeks it will officially be summer and we are still waiting for spring!

2 1/2 feet on marker

Never the less the water continues to rise, slowly but surely…now sitting at about 2 1/2 feet on our marker.

not far from pavement

it is actually closer to the pavement than this picture suggests…

further across parking lot

more of the parking lot is now ‘wet’

Barn Swallows

Yesterday, which was actually a nice day, at least until late afternoon when thundershowers arrived…the Barn Swallows were busy taking advantage of the mud to collect more nesting material…not sure where they are building as unfortunately most home owners won’t tolerate the six weeks or so of mess created by their nest building and family raising. 


We didn’t venture over to the park today…just too wet, but this picture taken yesterday right beside where the Boreal Owl was seen back in February….shows the ‘underwater’ trail – I understand that at the log bay the seat of the bench is submerged and the water level is almost to the armrests…

Western Tanager

It was actually quit quiet yesterday in the bird department, but did spot the male Western Tanager a matter of interest it was also reported to me yesterday that there are a total of 5 Osprey nests in the Estuary area…

Nest under construction

This isn’t one of them…this one is on a specially erected platform at a park in Alberta, our Osprey have to make do with the groups of pilings located in the Harrison River….unfortunately newest one, located near the bridge appears that it could be in danger of flooding if water levels continue to rise.

Wild Roses

and finally I mentioned a few days ago about seeing the first Wild Rose in flower…this stand of them, in full sun, is now in almost full bloom (again picture taken yesterday in the sunshine)


This file photo shows a close up of one of our local Wild Roses…I have discovered that the further north you go, the more intense the color of the flower petals…I’m not sure if that is because they are a different variety or if it is due to the ‘24’ hours of daylight.  They all have the same wonderful scent!

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