Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June wrap up

I wanted to get something posted today, just to sort of wrap up this month…not sure if I’ll be around to do it tomorrow as heading back to Tunkwa to see if the Great Gray Owl is still around..  Between the weather (not summery – that is for sure!), a walking companion whose been a bit under the weather and water levels that are staying high so you can’t actually see anything…I sure haven’t had much luck finding anything to report.

We did get out today after the main deluge had finished…

Robin eating Elderberries

found some American Robins devouring Red Elderberries…

Juvenile robin eating elderberries

a youngster was in on the feast as well…

As well as young robins, we’ve seen young Juncos, Towhees, and Steller’s Jay this month.  I think there have been some young Hummingbirds as well.  I see the male Rufous Hummingbirds are still here, normally about this time they head up into the alpine meadows where they feed on the flowers and leisurely start their long trek back to South America.  With the later start to just about everything this year, it will be interesting to see just when the males leave – I doubt there are too many open alpine meadows yet.

Should also mention that a Green Heron was seen recently…there is a breeding population of them at Cheam Wetlands and they have been seen here occasionally in the past…but are definitely not a regular…

on a log

Here is a file photo of a Green Heron that I took at Cheam Wetlands several years ago.

Lastly, I’ll just post a picture of Red Hawkweed

Red Hawkweed

followers of the site will remember I talked about this invasive species a week or two ago…

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