Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Wood Ducks?

Another gray, cool, showery day with water levels holding steady over night I am going to cheat a bit and use my husband’s walk last night as today’s blog…  While everyone else in B.C. was watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals…he went walking over to the park…

June1'11Ernie 001

at this spot, which is the path leading to where the viewing platform sits…he spotted a male Wood Duck…

June1'11Ernie 003

then at this spot (beside the Boreal Owl grove) he spotted a mother duck with ducklings…he didn’t get a good look, but he said they were dark in color…so it sounds like Wood Ducks to me!  He also said there was a Pileated Woodpecker in the stand of mostly dead Alder trees that is to the right of this spot.


I don’t have a file photo of young Wood Duck, ducklings, as they tend to be extremely secretive, but these are some older ones that were at Sardis Pond in Chilliwack a number of years ago.

June1'11Ernie 004

Husband then continued on, and having less of a conscience about these things than I do, took this picture of what used to be the ‘log bay’, from the top of the berm behind the park fence – and yes, that is the bench there in the water – good job it is well anchored!

June1'11Ernie 009

he then entered the park via the southernmost gate and this is as far as you can now walk…the submerged bench there in the distance.

A walk around in our development today (between showers), just confirmed the large numbers of Evening Grosbeaks, Black Headed Grosbeaks and Rufous Hummingbirds…I counted 21 hummers either at feeders or zipping past…quit a few Towhee too.

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