Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fledgling Robin

Yesterday I reported seeing the first baby Robin of the season…a few hours later I looked out of my window…

Fledgling Robin

and there was an even younger fledgling American Robin

Feed me!

a parent wasn’t far away and was busy shoving food down the little creatures mouth…

Adult & Fledgling

this one was so young I suspect it fell out of a nest…it is a good job that any cats in our complex have to be indoor cats, because a little guy like this is really vulnerable.

What have you got?

one more little tidbit – these pictures were taken in a shady area and through my not terribly clean double paned glass windows…

Back to the ever so slowly rising water levels…

What was the log bay

last night my husband took his camera with him to get this shot of the ‘used to be’ log bay – that is the top of the bench out there and of course the ‘logs’ have long since disappeared..

where the trail used to go

a slightly different angle…basically almost the entire park is now under water, right up to the berm..

waterway instead of a path

this water way used to be the walking path.  Today, in desperation of somewhere to walk…we ventured along Morris Valley act akin to taking your life in your hands as the road is narrow, winding, with virtually no shoulders and traffic that travels about twice the speed it should..

Foam Flower and Goatsbeard along Morris Valley Road

I did manage to snap this picture of some of our native plants growing on the hillside…the tiny star like flowers of the Foam Flower and the larger Goatsbeard.

June 9, 2011

We only ventured far enough to get this shot…there is another spray of that native perennial, Goatsbeard in the fore front of this picture.

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