Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the water….

Just a couple of things….haven’t really got for a proper walk to see much of anything the last few days…weather certainly remains blah…

Marker post June 23, 2011

Water levels have crept back up a bit and are holding pretty steady at this mark, a few inches below the 3 foot mark…

wading sandpiper

which means the parking lot at our boat launch remains about half covered in water…

Spotted Sandpiper in the parking lot

that is where this Spotted Sandpiper was rushing about catching something…yesterday afternoon.


this afternoon, returning from a trip to Chilliwack, we noticed there was activity at that Osprey nest by the bridge that caused so much concern with the rising river level…


there were two Osprey there today…doing just what I’m not sure.


it almost looks like they may have been adding sticks to the nest.

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