Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer….and Catbird

Today is officially the first day of summer….and it actually looks and feels like it!

First day of summer

Sunshine and blue skies!

Snow on hillside

what isn’t typical is the snow still visible on even these low hills…I don’t recall seeing snow here much past March other years.

Black Headed Grosbeak

When we went for our walk there were barely any birds visible, although you could hear calls from the trees…some, like this Black-headed Grosbeak male seemed to just be enjoying soaking up the sunshine!

Female Yellow Warbler

Spotted this female Yellow Warbler as well, although she wouldn’t sit still for a good picture…

and speaking of spotting…I saw the…

Gray Catbird at Writing on Stone

Gray Catbird today.  Couldn’t get a picture of today’s bird but put in this file photo, taken at Writing on Stone P.P. in southern Alberta…so you could see what this species looks like…they tend to be quite secretive and stay in the vegetation…their name comes from the fact that they sound like a cat mewing. 

Barn Swallow nest

a couple more pictures…this is a Barn Swallow nest…it is built high in the conical roof of our outdoor gazebo

Violet Green Swallow

and I actually took this picture yesterday, it is of a Violet-Green Swallow – I’m putting it in as proof that a few of this particular Swallow species is in our area, they tend to be more common in the interior of the province.

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