Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creeping water and invasive plants

A cooler showery day today…

meeting of the water

at our boat launch we have the ‘meeting of the waters’ as the water creeping up the boat launch and that creeping across the parking lot are now in the process of merging…

Over the 3 foot mark

we’re now over 3 feet on the marker…  Since it was cooler today for my walking companion who has yet to loose her winter coat…

trail to viewing platform

We wandered over to see for ourselves the status on the park…the viewing platform now a distant memory somewhere down there!

Robin and Sandpiper

There was a Spotted Sandpiper at it’s edge and a steady flow of Robins coming for a bath…


in fact American Robins seem to be everywhere these days…usually with mouthfuls of worms…don’t know the number of nests in the area but it must be pretty high! 

Flooding that way too

the water is even starting to fill in the dead end path…I could hear both Mallard and Canada Geese while I was in this area, but of course nothing visible with the dense habitat..

and the other way

and ..the trail the other way…even more watery!

Wildroses and Hawkweed

I showed these Wild Roses last time I was over here…but the area is looking even prettier right now with…


the flowers of this Yellow Hawkweed – unfortunately Hawkweed is listed as one of those ‘invasive’ and noxious weeds…there are forms of Yellow Hawkweed that are native…but I don’t think this is one of them.  The yellow isn’t quite as vilified as a similar, and I think very attractive, red form.

Oxeye Daisy

I happen to love the simplicity of the Oxeye Daisy…another invasive plant

Female hummer

and lastly, with the cooler day, there seem to be more Rufous Hummingbirds coming to the feeder – still trying to capture (with a camera of course!) a male – this one being a  female.  A male practically drilled me while I was refilling the feeder but do you think he’d come back while I sat with a camera?!  The little blighters will be heading back south in just a few weeks…

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