Monday, June 6, 2011

Further afield and little fishes…

Yesterday evening, after another nice sunny warm day, we went for a bit of a drive…

Fraser River under bridge

wanted to check out the situation at the Fraser River…after all it is the swollen Fraser that backs up the Harrison River that results in the ‘lake’ forming over the estuary…so here we are under the Agassiz – Rosedale bridge

Gauge in river

definitely high, but judging from that marker…it’s been a lot higher

Full river

what these pictures don’t capture is the force of the flow of the water…it was really moving!

Slough with Mt. Cheam in background

did a quick check on one of the sloughs…have never been here before when it is full of water…

Fraser by Mt. Woodside

now down along the river…Mt. Woodside there on the right…would have liked to have gotten closer to the mountain but there was a camper parked there and didn’t want in invade their privacy…

Close to the bank

one swollen river with Mt. Cheam in the background..

Road, River and Corn Fields

was attempting to show just how high the river is in relation to the plowed fields on the other side…pretty much even in height, only the slightly raised road keeping the water at bay…the dampness in the field is from ground water seepage..

dyking efforts

obviously some fresh fill has been dumped here as a preventive measure..

Harrison River

nearing home…an evening shot looking up the Harrison…

Boat launch - June 6, 2011

and now to today and this is the scene at our boat launch…nearing the 3 foot line on the marker…but still about 3 feet below the level of the ‘flood’ year of 1997..

Barn Swallow with nesting material

Barn Swallows continue to be busy gathering nesting material at the edge of the waterline..

Trio of Barn Swallows

Three of them here in this picture…the area of grass is getting smaller and smaller…

Salmon Fry

over where the water is creeping across the paved parking lot…look carefully at the leading edge of the water….

Salmon Fry

it is full of baby Salmon!  the water here is barely an inch deep and warm from the sun….

Orange crowned Warbler

One final picture…there are lots of birds around…they are just hard to see and harder to get to with all the water…this is an Orange crowned Warbler..  I’m pretty sure I’ve been hearing Cedar Waxwings the last couple of days but haven’t managed to catch sight of one yet…  They are one of the last summer visitors to arrive.

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