Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cedar Waxwings and Swallowtail Butterfly

For several days now I’ve mentioned hearing Cedar Waxwings


well this morning I finally caught sight of some….

Cedar Waxwing on Black Twinberry

this one was eating the ‘not yet ripe’ berries of the Black twin berry shrub…I’ve mentioned before how much these berries are enjoyed by the Waxwings…

Townsends Chipmunk

caught this cute little fellow posing nicely in my neighbors' yard this morning…he is, of course, a Townsend’s Chipmunk…there have been both baby chipmunks and baby Douglas Squirrels running around for the past week or so.


wet parking lot

down at the boat launch the water continues to rise…


well over the 3 foot mark on the marker now….

Robin with worms

yesterday I mentioned about the American Robins with their huge mouthfuls of worms….well how is that for a mouthful?  I also spotted the first baby robin today…unfortunately the camera wouldn’t focus on him…

Male Bullock's Oriole

I know there is a Bullock’s Oriole nest in this Poplar tree, although the leaves are hiding it, but ‘daddy’ was visible today…they nested in this tree last year too but it wasn’t until the leaves fell in the fall that you could actually see the nest.

Western Swallowtail on Chive blossom

while I was down by the water a Western Swallowtail butterfly was flitting about…this wasn’t the first time I’d seen one this spring, but it did remind me to post the sighting…the above file photo of one on a chive blossom was taken a few years ago…the one today never landed, it was like it was looking for a dry spot.  There is a similar but paler version that we also see in this area…called the ‘Pale Swallowtail’…

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