Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Snowy day

Woke to just had to head out with a camera....we are going with 'misty and moody' because crisp, clear photos aren't possible in a least not with my equipment and frozen fingers!

 initially, snow was pretty light....

there were so many Varied Thrush!

Bald Eagles in trees all along the trail

others down on the ground enjoying a meal

a pair of Hooded Merganser in the snow, that was getting heavier

this young Bald Eagle was perched on the Martin box post for quite a while

despite this gull that kept dive bombing it for some strange reason.

there were several pairs of Trumpeter Swans, barely visible in the snow

and then there was this guy who bite off a bit more than he could chew - or did he?

looks like he is getting it down the hatch

this guy was giving the heron a good look

there are still so many American Robins around, very strange.

and final find as we were heading home to dry off and thaw out...a Northern Flicker - we had seen several others, but this one is an intergrade between our normal red-shafted and the yellow-shafted.  It has the colour on the wings of the red shafted, but the red marking on the nap of the yellow shafted, and even appears to have at least a partial black mustache marking which is again typical of the yellow shafted.

we will leave with this snowy scene....wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Monday, December 5, 2022

Cold and clear days

We've had some pretty spectacular days since the snow fell....if you have enough layers on that is, because it has been pretty cold, especially with the outflow winds that whip down the valley here.

this scene sort of sets the mood...

while this gives an indication of the winds we've had - that is dust blowing over the sand bars out where there should be river.

the cold weather has brought the Varied Thrush down from higher elevations.  We'd been wondering when they would ever arrive - well they are here now!

over at Harrison Bay....

there are still American Coots, but in not nearly the numbers there were before.

the Bald Eagles are loving the weather.  There haven't been as many to see on the ground as they are too busy soaring around over head, the numbers, at times, have even those of us who have been watching this spectacle for 20 years and more, in awe.

there are still a few live Chum Salmon but the numbers are rapidly decreasing.

Killdeer are being seen quite regularly in open areas where there are little springs that keep the water moving.  There are 4 of them in this picture.

today the winds died so we went for a walk along the dyke beside the river - what river there is at least!

There is actually a lot of waterfowl along the shores on both sides of the river.  The Trumpeter Swans were on the far shore, along with assorted ducks.  I can see Mallard, American Wigeon, a few either Scaup or Ring Neck and a lone Bufflehead in this picture.

there was a Belted Kingfisher...

and several Great Blue Heron like this one, perched on various pilings.

spotted this Pileated Woodpecker up in one of the big Cottonwoods as well.

to show how crazy low the water is...this picture is taken from the highway just at the edge of the bridge

there is a lot of activity there....but very little water.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Snow arrived on schedule

 The forecasted snow arrived right on schedule....

by noon the sun was shining and with temperatures a bit above freezing, some of it was starting to melt....

snowshoes were used to break a path to the park, even so if was tough walking...

Bald Eagles in the tree by the viewing platform

there were a lot of Dark-eyed Junco along the trail...

and finally, Varied Thrush showed up.

but what was really strange, was trudging through snow, listening to....

American Robins!  So many robins....

Stranger still....

there was a Cedar Waxwing with them!

over at the log bay, the usual mass of gulls....

a couple of eagles...

and Trumpeter Swans...

then, as afternoon wore on, fog materialized.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Eagle activity today before snow arrives

Got a couple of walks in today before the snow really started to fly - which it has been doing now since late afternoon.

 it was snowing all around us as we did our morning walk...

there were a few Killdeer at the first bay

a few more Trumpeter Swans off of the log bay

and a number of Bald Eagles feeding in close to shore........look at all the salmon carcasses!

Speaking of eagles feeding, after lunch we drove over to Kilby...

had just got out of the car and was still trying to get dogs organized when this guy flew up into a tree by the parking lot with something for lunch.  I can't quite make out what it is, but suspect possibly an American Coot as they are supposed to be a favorite food of eagles.

Eagles were about the only birds around....

this one wasn't amused with us...

there was activity at the newest nest today too.  That makes 3 nests in the immediate area.

water levels have come up a little bit so there were quite a few ducks, mainly Mallards but also a few American Wigeon and Northern Pintail.

in the field, mainly Cackling Geese - the smaller version of the Canada Geese, one of which is snoozing in the back there, for a size comparison.