Saturday, June 4, 2011


Here we are at the 4th of June and we finally reached the 20 degree (centigrade) mark.  In fact by late afternoon we’d surpassed it as our thermometer read 25.

Had some chores to do so did a little bit of driving around in the local area..

The lake

started out by driving along Morris Valley Road…would have been a beautiful morning to be out on the water!

The other way

Here is another shot looking back…mountains behind Chilliwack in the distance – still a lot of snow up there!

Seepage and Geese

a quick side trip down to Kilby…this water is seepage caused by the high water table.  Lots of Canada Geese in this field.  Don’t think we’ve ever seen snow on these local hills in the month of June before, at least not since I’ve lived here.

Grazing Geese

here is a closer look at some of those grazing geese – no sign of any young ones.

Harrison Bay

a quick spin around the boat launch parking lot at Kilby…the gray part that is underwater is the boat launch…

Harrison River

on our way home, pulled over to get this picture looking up Harrison River..

Osprey nest in river

and then this Osprey nest which has caused a lot of concern with local residents, fearing it will flood…

Osprey nest

there was no sign of any parents…but there does seem to be something in the nest…I’m assuming a baby Osprey…should note that yesterday I watched 3 Osprey and 2 Bald Eagle having a bit of a ‘tussle’ right over head – unfortunately didn’t have a camera with me at the time that would focus on them…needed the DSLR!

Harrison River

One final picture, again looking up the Harrison River…

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