Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shrike’ing Halloween!

OK, I’m really taking some liberties here!  For one thing all of the pictures in today’s entry were actually taken yesterday….but I couldn’t resist!

First Winter Northern Shrike

because this little guy was over by the log bay yesterday – it is, of course, a Northern Shrike…the mottling of the feathers indicate it is a ‘1st winter’ bird.

So now we’ll get back to the serious business…..

high water

Rain! We’ve had a lot of it recently and that means that the water levels are on the rise again…in fact today they had risen even more so that I wasn’t able to get over to the park.

Eagle carpet

If you click on the above picture to enlarge it, you might just be able to make out the astounding number of Bald Eagles that were concentrated out there…..

and another

this ‘zoomed in’ picture will give you an indication of just how many

at least 98

I counted at least 98 in this picture alone….

Eagle Tree

and they weren’t just out there on the flats….this is the ‘eagle’ tree by the viewing platform.

Closer look at 4 eagles

while these were just a few of the ones in the other ‘eagle tree’

Young one drying out

this young one was perched in the very tippy top of this little fir tree…

Adult drying out

an adult a few branches below…

Down there too

The trees down by the golf course, in fact from the calls, trees all over the golf course were equally loaded with eagles.

Today, with the even higher water it wasn’t as easy to see them as they must all be crowded together in areas hidden by grasses and shrubs..

Couple of Swans with the eagles

One final look – there are a couple of Swans in this picture as well as the eagles, whether Tundra or Trumpeter, at this distance, I couldn’t say.

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