Friday, October 19, 2012

What the ?*!**

OK  I know we’ve had a lot of rain recently….but this much?!

Flats October 18, 2012

yesterday, this was a view of the flats….I didn’t do a posting yesterday because there was just not much of anything happening…

Eagle concentration

here is the same spot today.  Where did all the water come from???

Path under water

couldn’t even get over to the park today because there is too much water on the trail.  Wouldn’t be anything to see ‘out there’ anyway, as it is all now just water…

75 Eagles

the Bald Eagles are, of necessity, all crowed together in the few areas that aren’t under water.  I counted at least 75 in this picture alone.

The Salmon of course will be happy, they can get to all sorts of places now, but the birds won’t be so happy because the salmon carcass are all under water.  The good thing will be that when the water levels drop (assuming they do) there should be dead salmon laying all over in places you wouldn’t normally expect to see them so lots of places for all the critters to feed.

This would be a great time for the Trumpeter Swans to start showing up, with all this water around, but it is probably a few weeks early for them yet.

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