Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lots of activity

It has been an interesting weekend…

A view of the estuary

yesterday, took this shot of the estuary, mainly to show the snow line on those distance mountains – the first snow of the season…

Snow on local mountains

little did I know that this morning I’d be taking pictures of the first snow of the season on the lower, local mountains!

Snow on Mt. Woodside!

it was even almost half way down Mt. Woodside!  Seems early for that!

Eagles on the close flats

water levels have dropped a bit from their high level on Friday….so lots of bird activity…Bald Eagles above with lots of gulls in the background…

Heron, EAgles, Mallards, Gulls

this picture sort of sums it up, Mallards, Great Blue Heron and gulls and eagles…there was even a Northern Harrier being chased by a Raven (not in the picture)

Eagles in the Eagle Tree

an assortment of eagles in the ‘eagle’ trees too – still so many leaves on the trees that they are hard to see…

Heron and Mallard

another heron and some more mallards, there were also American Wigeon and quite a few Common Merganser out there today..

Canada Geese

some Canada Geese decided to fly past as well.

Spawning creek

in the afternoon we drove down to one of the fish hatcheries…

Spawning Salmon

lots of Salmon – my husband informs me most of these are Chinook..

In the rapids

spotted an American Dipper

First year Glaucous Wing Gull

a few gull around, including this which I think is a first winter Glaucous-wing Gull.  It was sticking close to an adult so I suspect the adult was one of it’s parents.

October 21, 2012

later in the afternoon we took another walk at the estuary…most of the eagles had left the flats and were riding the thermals over head.

Song Sparrow

seemed to be a lot of activity in the bushes….including Song Sparrow

Towhee with a Choke Cherry

and the Pacific Choke Cherry fruit continues to attract…here a Spotted Towhee, but there were also lots of Robins and Varied Thrush enjoying the fruit.

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