Friday, October 12, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Finally, after 3 and a half months of virtually no precipitation, it is raining!

change in the weather!

It is going to take a bit of getting used to for us humans but the birds were absolutely reveling in it!  This area had so many birds that it was impossible to see exactly what was there….lots of Juncos for sure, and Red-wing Blackbirds..

Splish Splash

American Robins too, and Song Sparrows…I was keeping one eye open as well as my husband saw a very large black bear in this are when he was walking yesterday evening!

Spotted Towhee

it is too bad this picture of a Spotted Towhee didn’t come out better – there were actually 5 Towhee in just this one little area….

Gull and Heron

in the water, Gulls, this one a Mew Gull and Great Blue Heron in a couple of different locations…

Typical scene

but most of the activity at the water was taking place back my way…this shallow spot is collecting Salmon already and there were Northwestern Crow, Common Raven (top right), Glaucous Wing Gulls and of course, Bald Eagles….also heard shorebirds of some sort – probably Killdeer, but didn’t want to approach any closer to find out as didn’t want to disturb the eagles.

Eagles in the rain

the clouds were so low that it wasn’t possible to see too much of what was out there, but if this small area is an indication, obviously there were quite a few eagles out there today.

Two to Three year old 

This 2 to 3 year old was perched quite low down in the ‘eagle tree’ by the viewing platform.

The bear sighting is a reminder that it just isn’t birds that are drawn to the spawning salmon, besides, bear, a cougar has recently been spotted in the area as well.

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