Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lots of Robins

The fog cleared early today and the sun shone for what they say will be the last time for a few days…finally rain is in the forecast!

October 11, 2012

It was kind of ironic today as one of the daily newspapers had an excellent article on this area and the importance of protecting it and not disturbing the eagles….the ironic part was that today there were virtually no eagles visible…


and this is why….there were people out on the flats at the tower that was erected a number of years ago.  Presumably an eagle cam was being set up to show the eagles feeding on the flats (see a few in the background), so I guess today’s disturbance was justified….

October 11, 2012

with no eagles to concentrate on…

Spawning Chum

we’ll look at the Salmon as there were quite a few in the area off of the log bay..

Young Robin

but I think the most notable thing today were the numbers of American Robins in the area – the above one, with it’s spots, still being quite young.

American Robin in the choke cherry

Most of the robins are concentrating on the fruits of the Pacific Choke Cherry trees….I’m pretty sure I heard a Varied Thrush today as well, but haven’t been able to actually spot one yet.

Disturbance and Crows

I’m going to post one more shot of the human activity out on the flats, to show all the Northwestern Crows that have been around the last few days…obviously disturbed at this point, they are all the black dots in the sky..

Glaucous-wing Gull eating Salmon

there weren’t nearly as many ducks and gulls today either, but this Glaucous-wing Gull had stood fast and was busy having a salmon meal.

Yellow-rump Warbler

Yellow-rump Warblers are still around…along with lots of Chickadees…

Dark-eyed Junco

Numbers of Dark-eyed Junco are also increasing…

Hybrid Flicker

and on the way home spotted this Northern Flicker….it is a hybrid as it has the red ‘moustache’ of the Red-shafted and the red ‘V’ on the nape of the Yellow-shafted….

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