Monday, October 29, 2012

Wicked weather

An absolutely miserable wet day today…

wet day

we did venture out, but we didn’t go far….

Eagles in the eagle tree

could see the ‘eagle trees’ were well populated – at least 13 Bald Eagles in this tree alone….

Furthur down the way

and could see more sheltering further along the trail….didn’t venture close as didn’t want to take the chance of disturbing them on a day like today!

Miserable as it was here, it is nothing compared to what is being experienced and is still expected on the east coast.  It has been interesting today as I’ve been on two Face book groups – one being Canadian only and is the Project Feeder Watch group (P.F.W. by the way, starts on November 10th) and the other group is the Backyard Bird count one and is all of North America and soon to be global.  The over whelming theme today has been the numbers of birds at feeders prior to the storm hitting.  Those that have been through these storms before are recommending to just keep putting the food out there and to leave the feeders out as the birds are really stocking up before they have to ride out the storm.  There is also a feeling of anticipation as storms like this can cause birds to be blown way off course and out of their normal range, so when it is all over, who will show up where! 

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