Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Salmon

You know, when it comes to weather, it seems things always balance out in the end….I’m not sure if we really needed Mother Nature to try to make up for the lack of rain in the past 3 1/2 months, all in one weekend!  but that is what happened…boy did it rain!!!!

Water in first bay

but that is a good thing because now there is water full of spawning Chum Salmon, in places like the first bay, that has been high and dry up to a day or so ago.

waters back in the little pond

can’t really tell from this picture but the bone dry little pond over there now has water in it…

Water in the log bay

as does the log bay….those ripples caused by happy salmon darting about!

Salmon close to shore

here are just a few of the Salmon, close to shore now…

Eagles out on the flats

the Bald Eagle activity was taking place out on the much diminished in size ‘flats’ – there wasn’t a lot of bird activity along the path, probably due to too much human activity as after such a wet weekend everyone was out for a breath of fresh air.

Herring Gull

a lot more gulls around, including this Herring Gull – you can really make out the light coloured eye….

Green Wing Teal and American Wigeon

back the other way there were a lot of ducks, in fact there were a lot of ducks along the whole route….these American Wigeon (towards top) are the first I’ve seen this season, the ones in the foreground are Green-wing Teal.

Fishing Heron

only saw one Great Blue Heron today….he was taking advantage of the deeper water to check out a new area.  Lot’s of crow activity today too, but too far off for pictures.

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