Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looking more seasonal….

Seems like this long drawn out summer is finally coming to an end…

Eagles in the fog

today we’ve had fog that the sun hasn’t quite been able to burn completely off.  As you can see in the above picture, there were quite a few eagles out there…I’d guess getting close to a hundred…hard to tell though as a fisherman was returning across the flats with his catch and that sent them all flying..

In the Eagle Tree

The ‘eagle trees’ are being well used already!  Kind of hard to get pictures with all the leaves still on the trees.

Juvenile Eagle

this was one of several juvenile Bald Eagles…in one of the trees,


foggy over at the log bay too…

Couple of Herons

a couple of Great Blue Heron there, and another up the other way.


quite a few Mallards

Spawning Salmon

and definitely spawning salmon!

Mew Gull

The Mew Gull have arrived….also saw a Herring Gull as well as the Glaucous-wing that have been around for a week or so.

There were a lot of small birds, Chickadees and Ruby-crowned Kinglets for sure and I think some sort of warbler but just couldn’t get a good look…a raptor that looked very much like a Peregrine Falcon in wing shape, size and colour, flew through several times, but again I just couldn’t get a good look.

4 year old

this 4 to 5 year old was one of the eagles perched above the viewing platform…

Pair of Mallard and Green Wing Teal

more Mallard and Green-wing Teal in this area.  Quite a large flock of Northwestern Crows flew over at this point but couldn’t get a picture – well couldn’t get a ‘focused’ picture! 

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