Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Now what?

A beautiful sunny day….a bit breezy…

Sunny and gulls

didn’t get for a full walk, due to a truck being parked across the park entrance.  There wasn’t a lot going on at our end…

Gull feeding on fish

A few Glaucous-wing Gulls were there, the one in the foreground eating a dead salmon.

Then the two met up and flew off together

There had been 2 Great Blue Heron at different points, then they suddenly decided to fly together…

It wasn’t until the evening when my husband came home so mad I thought he’d have another heart attack that I found out the reason for the truck…


this sign had appeared right in the middle of the path leading to the park. Now what?  We’re allowed to walk up to this sign but no further???

 Eagles and fish in the evening

on a positive note….there were 2 Bald Eagles feeding on another dead salmon. 

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