Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A busy day….

Another cloudy day with some sunny breaks and lots of bird activity.

Typical fall day

We’ll start at the log bay where it is really looking like fall!  There were robins and flying about…

Butt end of a Yellow-shafted Flicker

a number of Northern Flicker – I’m putting in this ‘butt shot’ to show that this flicker was one of the Yellow Shafted (look carefully at the underside of the tail) – Yellow shafted are not common here on the west coast…

Northern Flicker in Red Osier Dogwood

the Flickers (this one a normal Red-shafted) were feeding on the berries of the Red Osier Dogwoods – every year I point out the importance of this particular native shrub – here is another example.

Pine Sisken getting a drink

a big flock of something, that flew down from the Poplar trees to the willow shrubs elicited an ‘oh my goodness’ from me due to the numbers…turns out they were Pine Sisken as a few dropped down for a drink.  There was a Kingfisher flying back and forth here as well, and Red-wing Blackbirds were calling.  There has been no sign of Red-wings for at least a month, but it appears that the usual over wintering flock of males is starting to form up as I had the first Blackbird in months at my feeder this morning…

Gold-crowned Sparrows?

also at the log bay were Spotted Towhees, Dark-eyed Junco, and I thought these were White-crowned Sparrows when I snapped the photo – but now I look at them, I’m pretty sure they are Gold-crowned Sparrows…if so, the first of the season.

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrows were everywhere!!!  This one along the trail,

Young Song Sparrow

a young one in another spot….and many more at various locations.  Chickadees and Ruby Crowned Kinglets continued to be active although in not quite the numbers we saw a few days ago…

Dead Salmon

and there folks, is the first dead Salmon of the season.  Haven’t seen any swimming yet, but this one was off of the first bay…

Glaucous-wing Gull

and explains the fact that the gulls – this one a Glaucous-wing Gull, are showing to our side of the estuary.

Gulls out there

hard to see, but all that white out on the flats are gulls as well, crows and raven were also calling out there today, but didn’t see any eagles!

The nuthatch invasion continues and so does the Band Tail Pigeon!

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