Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blustery day….

Kind of a blustery fall day today…started the day off with another power outage, so what else is there to do than set off with a camera in hand…


surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot of activity close by…

Couple of Raven

Some Common Raven and more crows around but all down in the grasses so hard to see…don’t recall this many crows other years…


one Great Blue Heron

Eagles on the flats

lots of Bald Eagles scattered across the flats….

Dark-eyed Junco

at the log bay it was a case of Junco’s Junco’s everywhere!  This was the best I could do for a picture though.

Towhee at the Pacific Choke Cherries

Not only were Robins after the Pacific Choke Cherries – there were Spotted Towhees eating them as well.

Canada Geese in flight

a flock of Canada Geese flew in and landed on the flats for a while.  On Saturday, we saw a flock in Agassiz with one white goose amongst them…was hoping this might have been the same bunch as I’d like to see what the white goose is…but these were all Canada’s.


by afternoon we were back into a showery weather pattern, but at least it produced a rainbow!

Greater Yellowlegs

spotted a pair of Greater Yellowlegs Sandpipers….

Greater Yellowlegs and Mallard

this picture demonstrates the size in relationship with a Mallard.  The Sandpipers might be called ‘Greater’ but they aren’t all that big!

Spawning Chum

lots of spawning salmon activity!

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