Thursday, November 1, 2012

Countdown time…

Now we are into the month of November it is time to start counting down the days to this years Eagle Festival.  The main festival date for this year is November 17 & 18 but check out the website for more details.

lots of water out there

It is hard to say where water levels will be by then, they can go down and come up rapidly.  A bit lower than where they are right now would be ideal.

Eagles and Fall Colour

lots of Bald Eagles out there again today and check out those fall colours!

Glaucous-wing Gull

a lot of gulls out there too, this Glaucous-wing Gull was posing so nicely I had to take his picture while I was wading through deeper than my boots water!

Grumpy Eagles

quite a few eagles perched in various trees all over…these two look down right grumpy!

Spotted Towhee with injured wing

as we walked over to the log bay there was very little bird activity, but it picked up on the way back….some Varied Thrush and a number of Spotted Towhee including this fellow who looks like he has an injured wing.

Tree in background full of eagles

this picture was taken from the viewing platform and check out the numbers of eagles in that tree in the background! (click on the picture to enlarge).

Heron and Mallards

One Great Blue Heron out there today along with Mallards, there were also American Wigeon.

Eagle fight

too bad the light was so bad, making for a not very crisp picture – there was a fair bit of eagle fighting going on in this spot – must have been an extra tasty fish!  Speaking of fish, there were some really lively ones out there today with lots of leaping out of the water and splashing.

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