Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dreary day!

This morning wasn’t too bad, I actually walked down to the estuary in the morning and noticed the water had dropped a bit over night…

Fish in the path

optimistically thought that we might be able to wade our way over to the park, but I was wrong…still too deep and by the time we were headed for our walk, it was pouring again – that is a salmon swimming in the middle of what is normally a path!

Birds in the rain

a fair amount of activity out there today, Bald Eagles were scattered all over the place….

A collection of eagles

this one shows Morris Valley Road and I’m wondering what that big white thing is in the background!  It looks suspiciously like a slab of rock!  We were just commenting this past weekend while driving along that stretch of the road that there had been a number of little slides recently and that one of these days something big was going to come down!  A small flock of Canada Geese flew over towards the road as well, could hear them, but they weren’t visible.

Coming in for a landing

here is a young eagle coming in for a landing.  Besides eagles there were the usual Mallards and a number of Common Mergansers…a good sized flock of Pine Siskin were flying over head at the same time…

Over in the 'eagle tree'

the tree by the viewing platform was well occupied early but completely empty later – could see an umbrella at the viewing platform – don’t think eagles are too impressed with umbrellas!

Swans out there

a few Swans out there today…too far to tell if they are Trumpeter or Tundra..

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