Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now that’s better!

Not as inviting a day, weather wise….

That is more like it!

thus much less in the way of visitors, and much better in the way of lack of stress to the birds…  Started out with this scene….

Juvenile at a fish

a juvenile Bald Eagle was feeding at the edge of the water….

Green-wing Teal and pair of Mallards

Green-wing Teal were feeding on the far shore – these little birds are very flighty and don’t tolerate much human disturbance, which is probably why they hadn’t been seen for the last couple of weeks.

the log bay

Actually made it right to the log bay as it was ‘unpopulated’ for the first time in weeks!  Look how low the water levels are again!

Sleeping Trumpeters

Some Trumpeter Swans were sound asleep on the gravel bars (one lifted it’s head so I could ID it)

Three Tundras

While 3 Tundra Swans were in the water (if you click on photo to enlarge you can clearly see the yellow at the base of the bill on the two birds with their heads out of the water).  I could also see that there were a great many swans down off of the golf course.

abundance of fish

heading back, it is nice to see that there are still lots of live fish and it is also surprising how many salmon there are that are still completely untouched…


with the day being more relaxed it was possible to concentrate on some of the gulls in the area and I have a bunch now that need ID’s….like this one that seemed very pale…I won’t bore you with them here but I will be posting some pictures on some bird sites…as I try to ID them.

Gull and Bald Eagle

this, I think Thayer’s Gull, and this 4 year old Bald Eagle were sharing this salmon.

Working at it

he, or she, was still happy working on it as we headed for home.

There had been absolutely no small bird activity along the trail today, probably due more to the wind that was blowing as I only met 2 people over there today.  There has been lots of activity at the feeders, in fact have had to fill them twice…

Brown Creeper

this is a very poor picture, it was taken late yesterday afternoon, but is of a Brown Creeper…a bird that is probably around a lot, but not often seen.

Red-breasted Nuthatch

and, since I took this while trying to get creeper pictures, wanted to mention that the Red-breasted Nuthatch continue….I have at least 3, possibly more coming to my feeders constantly…the first time ever this has happened.

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