Friday, November 23, 2012

Miserable day!

Just a miserable cold wet day today.

Not a nice day

I could hear a lot of Swans, primarily Tundra Swans out in the same area off of the log bay, but unfortunately couldn’t get close as a dog owner was allowing her very large dog to run around loose while she took photographs…not only is this against the park rules, it is extremely annoying for those of us dog owners who do keep our dogs on leads…

Swans in the rain

a couple of Trumpeter Swans had taken refuge up at our end so did manage this picture…

Eagles in the rain

and there were obviously lots of Bald Eagles in the trees down at the golf course – the above an extremely long distant shot – thank goodness for 35X zoom!

Mallards in the rain

Mallards were the only ducks I saw today.  There were lots of little birds like Bushtits, Kinglets and Chickadees along the trail, but small agile birds are difficult enough to photograph, especially on a dark wet day, couple that with having to keep an eye out for a loose dog and it is impossible.

That very large flock of Pine Siskin were flying around today as well.

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