Friday, November 16, 2012

2 days to go…..

Two days to go to Eagle Festival…..

November 15, 2012

and a beautiful day it was!  Unfortunately if the weather forecast is correct, it is the last nice day we’ve seen for the foreseeable future.  The forecast for the festival weekend sounds down right wet!  Bad weather is better for actually seeing birds…but miserable for those volunteers out in it all day.

Trumpeter Swans

On sunny days like today, people looking for birds seem to out number the birds!  Very few eagles out on the flats, although a fair number soaring over head and taking refuge in the conifer trees on the hillside.  These two Trumpeter Swans were in close to the log bay area….and their admirers were lined up shoulder to shoulder on the shore including places they shouldn’t have been.

Female House Finch

I don’t know what was going on with the small birds in the same area.  There were alarm calls galore.  These 2 female House Finch were the only birds visible and then only for a minute.  I suspect that Northern Shrike might have been around again but I prefer to do my birding in solitary…way too many people there today to spent the time investigating.

Basking in the sun

up at the other end where things were less chaotic…the Great Blue Heron was enjoying the sunshine.

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