Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back to normal.

Yesterday the weather was so horrible that no one was venturing out in it.  It was like someone was telling us to quit complaining about the weather during the festival, because it could have been like this!  This morning, we woke to clear skies and sunshine!  Unfortunately it didn’t last, and I couldn’t take advantage of it due to an appointment, but it was at least still dry when I got back so we quickly went for a walk.

Water levels are on the rise again

as is to be expected, with all that rain, the water levels are once more on the rise!  The tape boundaries from the weekend are still up as the bottom 20 feet or so are now in water.

Lot's of activity

It was looking pretty normal out there!  LOTS of Bald Eagles and Gulls

Swans on the point

a lot of Tundra Swans too – this little group resting on this little spit of land.

Eagle and 2 crows

These Northwestern Crows were helping this Bald Eagle enjoy his meal.


a juvenile kept watch over the scene…

looking southeast

over at the log bay….

Male Pintail and a female Mallard at the log bay

Spotted this male Northern Pintail mixed in with the usual Mallards (female on left) and Wigeons…

Tundra Swan and Mallards

This Tundra Swan came in obligingly close so the yellow at the base of the bill is clearly visible.

Some juvenile Tundra Swans

a bit far off, but these are young Tundra Swans.  Their bills are light and necks dark, young Tundra Swans turn white at a younger age than young Trumpeter Swans do.

Action shot

there was some good action out on the flats…

The park and the new sign

today was the first day I’ve made it to the park since the sign was finished..

Sign about the estuary

Here is a close up of this excellent sign.

Steller's Jay in the bushes

I also managed to get a not great shot of a Steller’s Jay.  This guys are so big, bright and bossy, I don’t know why they are so difficult to get a picture of!  There are nearly always some of them hanging about in the area by the bench.

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