Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 days to go….

With just 3 days to go to the eagle festival, the birds are putting on quite the show!

The reappearing flats

Although today was supposed to be sunny, it never quite made it, low cloud persisted throughout the day.

Eagle's galore

and that suited the Bald Eagles, just fine! 

Adult Bald Eagle

this fellow was one of several who supervised an early morning walk.

activity on the flats

Eagles were spread out all over the emerging flats.  No doubt there are now lots of dead salmon being left behind by the retreating water.  There were also a lot of Swans (Tundra’s judging from the calls) but they were further down, off of the golf course.

Heron on a post

of course Great Blue Heron were around too….

Mergansers, Wigeons, Mallards and Bald Eagles

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