Monday, November 5, 2012

Water level’s even higher!

Today’s will be a pretty short entry….

a sunny day

the good news is that the rain has stopped and the sun was shining…

path under water

the bad news is that the water level is even higher than it was yesterday afternoon.  For those familiar with the site, the water is right up to the area where the viewing tent is normally set up.  If the long range weather forecast is right, we should be OK.  Showers are forecast the next couple of days but then there is a cooling trend with temperatures over night dipping below freezing….all that should at least mean snow at higher elevations so less run off to add to the water…

even less dry land

there was eagle activity with birds flying back and forth and you can see a few out there.  There were also quite a few ducks, only saw Mallards and heard American Wigeons…no sign of any swans.

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