Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of the year….

Well here we are…the last day of 2011…ventured out this afternoon, not really expecting to see much of anything…

New Years Eve

There had been a bit of snow on the surrounding hills over night…in fact a few flakes must have fallen right down on the estuary…but were long gone by the time we ventured out.

Female Shoveler

First thing of note were a couple of female Northern Shovelers…we’ve seen more Northern Shoveler here this fall than any time in the past.  Should note that Harrison Bay had literally thousands of ducks all along the shoreline today – not sure what kinds as we were busy doing errands other than birding.

Swans on the Harrison

Could see that there were a lot of Swans out on the Harrison River this afternoon…this is just a few of them..

Steller's Jay

Was attempting pictures of this Steller’s Jay (the light was completely wrong)…

Downy Woodpecker

when I spotted this female Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

lots of twigs between her and me but I was happy to find that this new camera is pretty could at picking out the correct subject…

Common Redpolls

and then, as we were heading back…a flock of little birds flew into one of the alder’s…at first I thought they were Bushtits…but no…they were Common Redpolls!

Common Redpolls

unfortunately these are the best pictures I got of them…but nice to know they are still around…maybe we’ll get some better shots before this winter is over.

Happy New Year everyone…may next year bring lots of good birding and a ‘lifer’ or two!

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