Friday, December 9, 2011

Another beautiful day

What a stretch of beautiful weather we are having!  Not quite the coating of frost that we saw yesterday,…due to an appointment I had to keep, went for our ‘mid-day’ walk a bit earlier than normal…as it turns out, a good job we did because when my appointment duties were over, we went for another one a bit later than usual and the differences were like ‘night and day’

Busy place

It was obvious on our earlier walk that the estuary was a very busy place!

Eagles, ducks and gulls

a number of Bald Eagles feeding right on the well as numerous ducks and gulls.

Pair of Eagles

this was another pair…

Busy place

Here, another eagle, more ducks and a Great Blue Heron on the far shore…on our second walk this area, with the exception of a few gulls, was completely devoid of bird life.  Why?  because an off leash dog was playing ball here.  Unfortunately this is an unregulated area.  Most people know that dogs shouldn’t be off leash here but there is no one with the power to enforce it, or if there is, there is never anyone around to do so.

log bay

all was calm over at the log bay during the morning walk – the water is just getting lower and lower…but there are still a few live Salmon struggling to spawn in the what water there is.  Again, during the later walk, another off leash dog playing ball in this area, although staying well back from the foreshore and I don’t think doing as much harm as the photographer that was hunched way out at the edge of the grasslands on the south side (not in this picture – in fact I didn’t even bother with pictures during the second walk)  there was just nothing to take pictures off except those never ending gulls.

Red-wing Blackbirds

some of the flock of wintering Red-wing Blackbirds were down where you could get a sort of picture of them…

Eagles in eagle tree

The ‘eagle tree’ by the viewing platform was well populated…

just one branch

this was just one branch! 

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