Thursday, December 22, 2011

First day of winter….

It’s official…winter is here…

First day of winter 2011

at least according to the calendar…and I guess, the frost, still laying in shady places…

Eagle at the bay

as a lover of real winters…this isn’t exactly my idea of winter, but we have 3 months of it to go, so who knows what will happen…

close up

That Bald Eagle perched at the log bay was very co-operative for photo taking!  There weren’t a lot of eagles around today…a handful here and there and a few flying over head.  Gulls, too have certainly decreased in numbers…no big groups of them out on the flats anymore.

Red-wing Blackbird

There were quite a few Red-wing Blackbirds, also saw a flicker and I’ve been hearing, what I think is a Downy Woodpecker, just about every day but I’ve yet to spot it.

Fox Sparrow

I did manage to capture one of those elusive Fox Sparrows today…still kind of hidden in the blackberries….

First day of Winter 2011

another look at the estuary on this, the first official day of winter…

Dec. 22'11 018

a Great Blue Heron sitting in the sun out there…and quite a few ducks…Mallard shown here, but also some American Wigeon, a couple of Hoodies and a few Green Wing Teal.


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