Friday, December 23, 2011

Vocal day

I hadn’t really planned to do a posting today.  It was kind of dull and cool and I just took the small camera thinking there would most likely not be anything to report….but of course there was…

Eagle and Hairy

First of all I finally spotted that elusive Woodpecker…I kept hearing it and finally spotted the thing…this is an awful photo but kind of neat…the Bald Eagle seems to be glaring at the Hairy Woodpecker with disgust…probably wanting the thing to shut up!  By the bill size it is a Hairy and not a Downy…of course it may not even be the same one I’ve heard all week…and speaking of hearing…my goodness all the birds were being vocal today!

Steller's Jay

Over at the log bay it seemed to also be bath day….this Steller’s Jay

planning a bath

went down where some Junco and a Song Sparrow had been…

bath time

and proceeded to have a vigorous bath!  There was a very vocal Kingfisher somewhere but staying out of sight…

Eagles in the bay

there weren’t a lot of eagles around today but those that were there certainly had a lot to say!


I really wish the light had been better or I’d had a better camera with me because there were lots of opportunities for shots like this…


another look at the feeding eagle that we left in peace (unlike others of his species!)…the bushes along the trail were full of Fox Sparrow, Song Sparrow and Towhee….all sitting with many twigs and branches between me and them….had just reached an area where I could hear many small birds when our wandering and watching was cut short by a large off leash dog….something my dog doesn’t approve of anymore than I do.  Not wishing to become involved in a confrontation, we quickly moved towards home.


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