Thursday, December 8, 2011

Awe-inspiring day!

What an incredible day! 

Frosty morning

We started the day off with freezing temperatures that left a coating of frost on everything…

Eagle dispute

To heck with office duties and house work – just had to get out with the camera to not only witness scenes like these two Bald Eagles


eventually agreeing to share ‘breakfast’

Frosty Hardhack

but also to get some ‘frost’ pictures like this one of some native Hardhack bushes.








Frosty Blackberries

or these out of season Himalayan Blackberry flowers coated in frost..

Feeding Eagles

and of course more eagles feeding along the shoreline!

But the really awe-inspiring part happened when Shantz and I set out for our usual walk..

Birds galore

it is impossible to capture it in pictures but there were anywhere from a hundred to a hundred and fifty

Overhead birds

Bald Eagles circling about right over our heads…in fact some flying down so low they were almost at face level…both myself and my dog who has been taught from day one to ‘watch’ birds, were captivated..

an eagle fallout

there was another large ‘kettle’ of eagles over in this direction as well..of course these ‘kettle’s’ don’t stay in one place for long and ours gradually drifted off over towards the hillside to the west of the estuary…

afternoon at the log bay

over at the log bay the usual gulls were busy..

Heron on the flats

there were a total of 4 Great Blue Heron standing in the sun out on the flats across from the bay (only 3 in this picture)..another was perched on one of the pilings

Eagles and Gulls

only one Bald Eagle in close eating lunch with the gulls…

Gulls and ducks

lots of ducks scattered about too…Mallard in this picture, but also so the usual American Wigeon, Green Wing Teal and a few of the not so usual Northern Shoveler. All the activity was in the water, in the sky or out on the flats…the bushes along the trail were very quiet although a Fox Sparrow ducked across the trail in front of us and I could hear the occasional Chickadee.

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