Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kind of a strange day….

Kind of a strange day today although can’t exactly say why!  Lots of heavy dark clouds around, showers at time, a bit windy but with occasional glimpses of a bit of blue sky or even a ray of sunshine..

The strange theme continued on with the birds although no shortage of

digging in

Bald Eagles… this guy digging into his meal…

the log bay

over at the log bay there were lots of them down on the ground…

Eagles at the bay

some on the point…

more eagles

others out front…


an overview of the area…

digging in

it was so quiet you could hear this guy ripping and crunching as he worked his way through this fish…

Ducks and eagles

obviously the eagles are still well fed on Salmon as they and the ducks are co-existing quite peacefully.

Steller's Jay

a Steller’s Jay joined the party….and there were lots of Red-wing Blackbirds and some Starlings….

female Purple Finch

the female Purple Finch that I spotted yesterday were still in the same general spot…and I must have heard 4 different Fox Sparrows but could never spot them until they moved…always moving deeper into the undergrowth..

Heron and Mallard

one Great Blue Heron out there today too.

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