Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shortest day of the year….

I think today is the shortest day of the year…or at least tonight is the longest night of the year….whatever it is…it is a beautiful day!

Shortest day of the year

sunshine, some fresh snow on the hillsides and a bit of frost…

log bay

same story over at the log bay…notice the lack of Eagles today though…and shortly after I took this picture all the gulls took off too – the reason why became apparent as several people came crashing through the bushes and onto the grasslands…. sunshine brings out the people…

dry corner

If it wasn’t for the milestone date and the sunshine I wouldn’t even have bothered with a posting except for two things….want to point out this area to the south of the log bay which is now completely dry.  I think I’ve only ever seen it like this once before…

and the other item I don’t have a picture for, but one of my nearest neighbours called me all excited because she’d had a pair of Anna’s Hummingbirds at her feeder.  She had had a pair coming all last spring, in fact is pretty sure they nested in her hedge but neither of us wanted to disturb them by poking about to find out for sure…now, on this date, the pair were suddenly back.  There had still been a bit of sugar water in her feeder…she has now quickly made up more and replenished the supply.  Her feeders hang in under a roof overhang and are quite sheltered.  Needless to say she is thrilled and a bit shocked to see hummingbirds in winter!  If they remain I’ll try and get a picture of them, as, of yet, I don’t have a single Anna’s Hummingbird photo.

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