Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That is more like it!

Took myself for a couple of walks today and was relieved to see that the numbers of Bald Eagles were back to being more like you’d expect them to be in mid-December…

Typical morning

as I approached the estuary there were a number of them feeding down on the ground…

Dec. 14'11 007

captured this series of this guy really digging in to his meal!




Using his feet as well to hold it down while he ripped chunks off…

Activity out on the flats

Out on the flats it looked more normal with lots of Bald Eagles scattered about…and those aren’t snowflakes unfortunately (we’re still waiting for some precipitation)…those are gulls..

That is more like it!

That is definitely more like it should be!  A flock of Trumpeter Swans came flying in, circled over the estuary and landed but with the water levels so low, the spots where they land are out of sight …I sometimes wonder if I should take up golf just so I’d have access to the golf course because at this point, all the activity is taking place just off of it.

Gray day

Mid-day we went for our usual walk and although there were several persons in the park taking pictures, because they were all respectful of the birds space, birds remained throughout the area. 

Steller's Jay

The big Red-Osier Dogwood bush held 6 Steller’s Jay and there were Juncos, Chickadees, Kinglets, Song Sparrow and Towhee heard the length of the trail.


a lot of gulls were feeding in the log bay area…whatever they are eating has bright pink flesh…and I’m thinking the bird that is really going at it is probably a Thayer’s Gull – judging from it’s bright pink legs.

Three Juvenile

There were eagles perched in all the trees along the route today…I was standing taking this picture of these 3 young ones….

and then there were four

when a fourth flew in and joined them…

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