Friday, December 30, 2011

Dark and blustery….

Another dark, blustery day.  At least it stayed dry until after we’d had our walk.

Dark and blustery day

Not much to report.  It was VERY quiet out there!  A few eagles over head and a few scattered out on the flats but nothing in close.  Of course the person duck hunting from the road in the morning probably had something to do with it (duck hunting is allowed but NOT from the road and NOT so close to residences)…

looking that way 

and then if you look closely on the left hand side, in about the middle, there are 3 tiny figures there….this is the 2nd day in a row there have been people down there ‘off the trail’ – some people just don’t get it that if you try to ‘get closer’ all you do is drive the birds further away! 


the only birds still at the log bay were these two gulls and I’m not even going to try and ID them…a Herring and a Thayer's maybe but I don’t see any light coloured eyes…

All along the trail there was just nothing, not uncommon when it is windy…


there was a large flock of Pine Sisken up away from the water…I just sort of pointed the camera in the direction I’d seen them land…it was so dark I was surprised that the picture turned out this well….surprisingly, they still aren’t coming to feeders so there must still be a good supply of seeds in the coniferous trees, despite the fact they’ve been over the same trees so many times.

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