Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well we might have started off this month with exceptionally dry weather, but we are sure making up for it now!

wet day

I’m not sure how, but we managed to get out for our walk between downpours…almost!

Eagle on the shore

This Bald Eagle was one of the few birds visible, although there were quite a few eagles flying low over the flats, you could barely make them out in the gloom because not only has it been very wet, it has also been very dark.

rising water

got over to the log bay and saw that the rain and the warm temperatures (we aren’t supposed to have double digit temperatures in December!) have caused the water levels to start creeping back up…which is a good thing because they were so low…although not a good thing for the local ski hills!

that way too

the water was back up on that little point that has been high and dry lately.  There just wasn’t much of anything out there.  A few Mallard and a couple of Common Merganser…no pictures ‘cause it was just too dark and at this point it had started to rain again…


a look up the valley at the rapidly approaching rain…one wet gull on a post

First bay

a few more Mallard and a pair of American Wigeon here at the first bay…also with more water than it has seen for a while…

Heron on post

one bedraggled Great Blue Heron on the piling…

Eagle still there

and that eagle still in the same spot…he must have something good there…he was probably also the reason there were absolutely no ducks in this stretch of water today.

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