Monday, December 19, 2011

lots of feeding eagles

Did a fair bit of running around this past weekend and one thing we noticed when ever we left home, were the large numbers of eagles perched in trees all over Kilby, Harrison Bay and Deroche….I don’t know if I’ve even seen as many eagles in these places as we are seeing this year.

feeding eagles

Today when we headed out for our walk there had to have been twenty or more down feeding in this area…suddenly they all flew…I hoped it wasn’t because of us…and turns out it wasn’t…on our return trip there were fisheries personnel hard at work counting Chum Salmon…and that is what had spooked them…and caused all the ducks that I was going to take a good look at on our return, to depart the area.  That is OK…it is all research and ultimately to everyone’s benefit.

Eagles in the bay

there were also a lot of Eagles down feeding in the log bay…I didn’t go any closer as I didn’t want to disturb them…

at the log bay

lots of them perched in the trees here as well.  Also a Heron out on a post and there were Red-wing Blackbirds calling…

couple of eagles

a closer look at a couple of them.  Golden-crowned Kinglets and Black-capped Chickadees were active along the trail.  Also saw a couple of female Purple Finch and the flock of Pine Sisken that had been in the area, and then were absent for the past week or two, seem to be back.

One item of note…with the influx of Snowy Owls into the lower mainland this winter there are many who feel it is only a matter of time before one or more turns up at the estuary since it is ideal habitat for them. We’ll cross our fingers and hope!

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