Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well here are we are at the start of another year…

Eagle on the far shore

kind of cool and blustery…but dry.  There was an Eagle feeding over there, right in the middle of the picture…also some Mallards and Hoodies in the area…


The Bald Eagle was really digging into his breakfast!

bloody beak

a little wind blown at times…

another look

Solved the problem by facing into the wind which was coming out of the northwest.

Steller's Jay

Over at the log bay there were a lot of Steller’s Jay, Red-wing Blackbirds, Song Sparrows and some Black Cap Chickadees….helps that there was a full bird feeder quite close to the park – have often wondered if we should put a bird feeder in that area….after all they feed the birds at Riefel all the time…why couldn’t some of us area residents do the same?  I certainly attracts the birds and with all the cover in that area would be a great place for one.


This juvenile Bald Eagle was watching….

Second Year Bald Eagle

this very light coloured one certainly stood out, but when I checked the book….this is the plumage for a second year bird…just don’t remember seeing one quite this light before.  As I write this I have Red-wing Blackbirds and European Starlings at every feeder….the large flock of Red-wings seems to have been joined by Starlings lately…No sign of the Red-polls today.

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