Wednesday, January 25, 2012


An interesting day.  The first time in a while that we’ve got up to temperatures on the plus side of zero! and, when I stepped out my door this morning, the first thing I heard was a Robin singing!  Robins are never very far from here in the winter, but they don’t usually start showing up until at least mid February….

disappearing snow

It had been raining so hard this morning that I bundled up in rain gear before heading out on our walk…

Buffleheads in boat launch

I was very happy to see a little flock of Bufflehead right in our boat launch area – in fact these were the only ducks anywhere….  Every winter since I’ve lived here there has been a flock of these little ducks spending the winter in this spot…it seems every year they are later showing up.  They used to arrive in Dec., then it was the beginning of January, and this year, it is almost the end of the month and they have finally showed up.  Not that there aren’t lots of them out on the Harrison River…

Eagles on post

over at the first bay, which was as far as we went because I just couldn’t face slipping and sliding my way over snow drifts today – there were quite a few Bald Eagles, in trees, out on the flats and riding the thermals…and also a pair on that piling…

Eagle pair

This has to be a breeding pair because such close proximity wouldn’t be tolerated other wise.

Blue sky

as we started back, blue sky was appearing…

Dark clouds

although there were still lots of dark clouds the other way, and now, an hour or so since I took the pictures, the ‘dark’ had won out over the ‘blue’ again.

Pine Sisken

there have been large numbers of Pine Sisken in the area the last few days…number well over a hundred I would think…

Pine Sisken

here is a more detailed picture of one….

Steller's Jay

also, since the sun popped out for a second at just the right moment…here is a Steller’s Jay regular’s in our area year round.

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