Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow day

Well I guess the weather forecast was right!  We woke up to at least 4 inches of snow this morning…


I have not actually ventured out there yet but Ernie did and it is he who took these pictures…

Viewing platform

there is the viewing platform…

view you don't normally see

this is a view you don’t normally see, but now the weight of the snow and freezing rain has flattened all the bushes.  Lots of ducks out there and apparently quite a few eagles out on the flats…

log bay

and looking out at the Harrison River.

The feeders are busy…the Purple Finch are back again today and I’ve even had an Evening Grosbeak show up.  Colder weather is in the forecast so it could be we are in for some interesting times in the next little while.

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