Monday, January 23, 2012

What a mess

The past week or so has been something else.  Today the temperature is sitting above freezing and we were only having some showers so I decided to venture out and see what things are like…wasn’t sure how far I’d get…

bare ground

approached the estuary and could see bare ground in places…slogged across the grasslands….

Drifted in viewing platform

and slipped and slid our way into and up and over drifts…but they were nothing like what there is in Eagle Point Park…the viewing platform is completely drifted in..or at least access to it..

from the trail

all of the riparian habitat is completely flattened.  At this spot you normally cannot see over the bushes that are 7 or 8 feet high…now they are flat on the ground…


the ‘path’ was nothing but big drifts…sometimes thigh deep…my dog thought battling our way over them was wonderful!  I didn’t share her sentiments…

my goodness

here is another point in the so called trail where the brush is completely flat, allowing you to see the log bay well before you approach it.  There were probably close to 20 Bald Eagles perched in various places…

the log bay

finally made it to the log bay….then had to turn around and make our way back – quite the work out!

nothing but drifts

that is the trail.  Bird wise there wasn’t much.  A very few ducks – just Mallards, a few Gulls, some Kinglets, Red-wing Blackbirds and a pair of Flickers.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for all the vegetation to bounce back…..

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