Thursday, January 5, 2012

Water and Swans

All of that rain has had an effect.  Water, water, everywhere!

Swans in the rain

and with the water….Trumpeter Swans….


You can see the log bay is full now and the gravel bars are fast disappearing…

Swans and Eagles

Swans were scattered all over…counted at least 40…also quite a few Bald Eagles.  Had only taken the small camera and no binoculars because the rain was still coming down, although in not quite the torrents we had yesterday..

Swans in the rain

some more of the swans..


a look at the now full bay…nothing else much around…

wet, wet, wet

wet up the other way too….

Swans in the mist

and a final look at this swan family…only 1 youngster which is a bit unusual, in fact in the bunch of swans out there today I only noticed a couple of young ones…mind you, being gray, they are harder to find in the gloom!

One other note…the Pine Siskens I’ve mentioned off and on all fall and winter…today, decided to descend onto my feeders.  I’ve been watching for a Redpoll to be among them, but so far haven’t seen anything but Sisken…but I know the Redpolls are around so now that the natural food supply must be getting low they may show up.

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