Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rapid Walk

My walk today, and yesterday, have, of necessity been very fast…yesterday I didn’t even take a camera.  Have an old dog at home recovering from surgery – she shouldn’t even be left, but until I learn how to clone myself so I can be in two places at once, I have no choice because the younger big dog needs her walk too….

nice day

it is a shame too because the last couple of days have been quite nice…cooler than we’ve had for a while, but with some sunshine.

Sleepy Mallards and Common Merganser, with one gull

Today could best be described as ‘peaceful’.  There were lots of ducks all along the route, most, like these ones, curled up on the shore in the sun.  Mainly all Mallards here, but see there are a couple of Common Merganser as well.  Notice the thin coating of ice on the gravel bar…

Swans and Mallard

there were also some Trumpeter Swans, this pair close to the log bay, another pair a bit further out and more curled up in the sun on the gravel bar…

Trumpeter Swan

got a nice picture of this guy (or girl). 

the bay

there didn’t appear to be a lot of small bird activity, although I could hear twittering in the bushes along the trail but couldn’t take the time to stop and find out what they were…

Purple Finch

In the morning I had heard a bird call I didn’t recognize in the large Maple tree on my property…could see it was reddish and hoped it was maybe a Pine Grosbeak or a Crossbill or some other interesting visitor….but no, it is a male Purple Finch…the same one, probably, that was at my feeder yesterday.

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