Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Here we are, the 4th day of October and I’m finally getting around to posting something…between high water, rain and life…

Dropping water

so, the water levels continue to drop…a few more days, with luck, I should be able to resume my usual walk.  The interesting thing is, I went back and checked on October 4th last year – and the water was even higher than it is right now! 

Water still high but going down

the grass lands are emerging from the water…

more geese

and it hasn’t taken long for the Canada Geese to return…there were an awful lot of them out there this afternoon!

Geese on the emerging flats

another bunch…ducks too, a couple of American Wigeon in this picture, but Mallards as well…also can hear lots of Gulls way out along the Harrison, Bald Eagles, Raven and Crows also being very vocal – in other words, it is sounding like fall. 

Heron in the grass

Saw 3 Great Blue Heron while I was down there.  I’d mentioned, recently, the large flock or flocks of finch type birds that are flying about in the tops of the conifers…

Pine Sisken

Well I can confirm that at least one of the flocks is made up of Pine Sisken, as part of the flock landed in this spot on the ground…  There are also quite a few House Finch, whether in a mixed flock or a separate one I’m not sure.

Of the 4 legged ‘critters’…there has been sightings of a Black Bear in our complex…perfectly normal for this time of year….and I’d been wondering about the Beaver that had been seen at the first bay back in the spring…well they are still there as Ernie and Shantz saw one of them the other night.

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