Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Perfect Fall Day

Today was just a perfect fall day.  Not quite so brilliantly sunshine as we’ve had the last while, but bright enough…

First Bay

The first bay was a hive of activity…not only are the salmon now spawning in here..


but I noticed activity over in the corner by the viewing platform…a Northern Flicker

Red-wing & Flicker bathing

and then another one, as well as a couple of male Red-wing Blackbirds…all busy bathing (sorry about the picture quality – it was a dark corner, far away so requiring lots of cropping – and I only had the small camera with me)

Glaucous Wing Gulls

Lot’s of activity out on the flats…counted about 130 Bald Eagles, and lot’s and lots of Gulls, mainly Glaucous Wing…a few Herring…saw one tiny gull but it was too far off to ID, even with binoculars – I guess it could have been a Mew but I’m almost wondering if it could have been a Bonaparte as there have been a lot of the seen in the upper Fraser Valley area in the past few weeks…  Could also hear some shorebirds – I assume Killdeer, but couldn’t actually spot them.

at the log bay

It was no less busy over at the log bay…

Pair of Gadwall

a few Gadwall – including this pair…

Mallards on a log

some Mallard….


that ‘almost impossible to get a picture of’ Belted Kingfisher

Bald Eagle

and a Bald Eagle!  We’re back to the time of year when we need to be looking up in the trees…once I realized that, I saw 3 eagles in trees in the park…

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

There was also a large mixed flock of little birds…this a Ruby Crowned Kinglet, but also some Gold Crowned Kinglets and lots of Black Capped Chickadees.  Back at my end…

Great Blue Heron

a co-operative Great Blue Heron as well as quite a few ducks, including American Wigeon and 3 Green-wing Teal.

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